We are doing LOCAL DELIVERY and overnight UK mainland delivery 5 days a week.

Free LOCAL DELIVERY to RG4, RG5, RG9, RG10.  Same WEEK DAY delivery for orders made before 15:00.  Delivery between 16:00 and 17:30.

Also, you also pickup your order at Bosley Patch, Swiss Farm during their Veg Box pickup time, Fridays 10:00-14:00

  • Mix your own 24 Pack of 33cl bottles.

    If you don't see the brand you're after, we're out of stock, sorry.  More stock added weekly.

    Lucky is inspired by the easiest of drinking lagers.  If you’ve got that one mate that thinks Craft Beer has too much flavour, either this or our Henley Gold is going to be the one we’d recommend.  We use local malted barley, a touch of flaked maize, German noble hops and an authentic lager yeast and a low and slow fermentation.

    5 Litre is roughly 9 UK pints.  The keg contains everything needed to dispense brewery fresh beer.
  • Lovibonds Dark Reserve No. 5 is a barrel aged Porter 11.7% abv. Limited to 3 per order.  VERY FEW remain.  Each one of only 500 bottles are individually numbered and hand dipped in wax.
  • Mix your own 12 Pack of 33cl bottles.  If you don't see the brand you are after, we don't have it in stock, sorry.