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Year Round Brews

Henley Gold

Natural golden hue and thick creamy white head with aroma of banana and cloves. A silky texture with fruit flavours, finishing fresh and clean with a touch of sweetness… Read More

Henley Amber

The amber coloured ale has a good balance of juicy malt and hop character on the nose. The flavour finishes with a balance of bitterness from toasted barley, leading to a long clean bitterness of English hops… Read More

Henley Dark

Rich chocolate aroma with a hint of smoke. Creamy texture combines caramel and chocolate flavours finishing dry with bitterness from the dark malts and hops. Read More

Lucky Lager

Natural golden hue and tight and lacing head. Some noble hop aroma on the nose, this beer is fresh and clean with a touch of sweetness form the flaked maize and just enough bitterness to balance it out. Read More


Deep golden colour, creamy white head and nice noble hop aroma. Nice malt backbone with some caramel sweetness, finishing dry with a firm hop flavour and bitterness. Read More

Loud American

Bright gold, with foam emitting heady aromas of citrus from several US hop varieties. Finishing fresh and clean with just enough bitterness. Read More

69 IPA

Hop aroma is big on this beer, with citrus aromas dominating. Medium malt body is balanced by a deep hop flavour, finishing clean with not too much bitterness. Read More

Limited Release Beers

Dark Daze

Lovibonds Dark Daze started with a rich dark wort taken through a mixed culture fermentation inspired by the Belgian Oud Bruin style.

This sour brown beer was then patiently aged in a single bourbon barrel.  This barrel was the final barrel to come out of our Henley Tasting Room cellar…following several very Dark Daze.

German Festbier

This year we went for the lighter side of the Marzen style, with a good balance of German pilsner, vienna and caramunich malts.  We balanced this out with German noble hops and a low and slow fermentation and lagering.

Hold Our Beer

Our Hold Our Beer one-off series allows our brewers to explore historic styles and develop new ideas.  Brewed on our pilot system, these are extremely limited…Read More

Dark Reserve

Luscious brown colour with vanilla, coconut and toffee aroma on the nose. Flavour is a perfect blend of brewers and whiskey malt with a smooth, creamy finish.. Read More

Gold Reserve

A honey gold sparkle, with a creamy white head. Aroma is rich and sweet of honey and fruit. Medium bodied sweetness with some alcohol warmth and a well-rounded finish.. Read More

Sour Grapes

Golden hue with white foam. Oak, funk and acidity on the nose. Bready with long citrus sourness, finishing nice and dry with oak coming thru. Read More


6.9 UP

It just didn’t seem right to put all the time and effort into serving the best beers we can from our Tasting Room and then serve mainstream, industrial produced soft drinks.. Read More