We’re now running the bar for Henley Rowing Club which is now open to the public Friday 18:00-21:00, Saturday 14:00-21:00 and Sunday 14:00-19:00.  We have a selection of Lovibonds draught beer, wine, spirits and soft drinks available.  Come check out one of the best views of the river!

We’re also still doing free local deliveries, visit our online shop.

Pioneers in the UK craft beer movement.  We’ve brewed award winning American style craft beer since 2005.


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Please keep an eye out for upcoming pop events.  Our upcoming events are here.

About Lovibonds
Lovibonds has a rich history in the art and science of brewing. In the 1800’s Joseph W. Lovibond invented several devices to measure colour in Degrees Lovibond, a standard that’s still in use today. Our logo is an interpretation of one of Joseph’s devices, the Colourimeter.  Lovibonds Brewery lives on under the stewardship of Jeff Rosenmeier and team.

For us, it is all about the beer!
We use the finest ingredients we can find and
add our Mojo in our state of the art brewhouse
Beer Before Glory.  Always.